Notice of Protected Health Information Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 11/11/2023

Use and Disclosure of Your Protected Health Information

CPAP Store USA LLC ( recognizes the importance of safeguarding your health information, referred to as ‘Protected Health Information’ (PHI). This notice outlines our privacy practices regarding the use and disclosure of your PHI, as mandated by federal and state laws.

Categories of Uses and Disclosures:We may use and disclose your PHI without your authorization for the following reasons:

  1. Treatment and Payment: For your treatment and payment for that treatment.
  2. Legal Requirements: When required by federal, state, or local law, judicial or administrative proceedings, or law enforcement.
  3. Health Oversight: For health oversight activities, providing information to assist government investigations.
  4. Harm Prevention: To avoid harm, disclosing PHI to law enforcement personnel, departments of health, or persons able to prevent or lessen harm.
  5. Workers Compensation: For workers’ compensation purposes to comply with relevant laws.
  6. Merchandising Offers: To make specific merchandising offers or send pertinent information about our services directly to you.
  7. Company Operations: For running our company.

Opportunities to Object:

We may provide your PHI to a family member, friend, or other person involved in your care or payment for your health care unless you object in whole or in part.

Written Authorization:

In situations not described above, we will seek your written authorization before using or disclosing any of your PHI. You can later revoke that authorization in writing to stop any future uses and disclosures.

Incidental Uses and Disclosures:

Incidental uses and disclosures may occur but are limited and permitted only with reasonable safeguards.

Your Rights:

  1. Requesting Limits on Uses and Disclosure: You can ask us to limit how we use and disclose your PHI, though we are not legally required to accept all requests.
  2. Choices on PHI Transmission: You have the right to choose how we send your PHI to you, requesting an alternate address or means.
  3. Receive and View Copies of PHI: In most cases, you can look at or receive copies of your PHI. We may deny requests in certain situations.
  4. List of Disclosures: You can obtain a list of instances in which we have disclosed your PHI, excluding specific cases.
  5. Correcting or Updating Your PHI: You can request corrections or updates to your PHI if you believe there is a mistake.
  6. Copy of Privacy Notice: You can request a paper copy of this Privacy Notice.

Complaints Regarding Your PHI:For questions, complaints, or to file a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services, please contact:

Privacy Officer
3325 W Desert Inn Road, Unit 201
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

You can request a copy of this notice from the contact person listed above at any time. We do not take retaliatory action against you if you file a complaint about our privacy practices.


We reserve the right to modify this PHI Privacy Policy at any time by posting changes on Significant changes may be notified via email, but such notification is not mandatory. This PHI Privacy Policy covers your Protected Health Information and is part of our complete Privacy Policy.